Color inside the lights

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So there is Kinetic Art and there is kinetic artist, Carlos Cruz Díez who is a kinetic artist without the art being kinetic. In his world, the movement comes from the person visiting the art. Carlos Cruz Díez creates stationary art that requires the viewer to move through it to experience a sort of motion in the art. An odd concept, but who ever said that art was supposed to be logical? In several installations the artist creates works where visitors experience color. The visitor to the installation may walk under a “shower” of one color before moving to another shower. A visitor bathed in royal blue looks fatter whereas someone in the green light looks like a ghost. Who would have guessed?
Before Carlos Cruz Díez, thoughts of Kinetic Art generally conjured up images of whirly gigs and Alexander Calder’s famous mobiles. Marcel Duchamp is thought to have set this in motion in 1913, when he mounted a bicycle wheel upside down on a stool and called it – Bicycle Wheel. Apparently, it provided him with much enjoyment whenever his hands were idle. He would pass by and give it a whirl. Carlos Cruz Díez on the other hand wants visitors to not so much as to think about the art. Specifically, he wants them to contemplate color and its movement as they check out his art. For him, “color is not a pigment on a solid surface but a “situation” that results from the projection of light on objects and the way this light is processed by the human eye.”

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