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Latest technology is redefining the concept of accessorizing with colors. Instead of a hard and fast color decision at the time of purchase, consumers will eventually be able to change the color of a given object on impulse. It’s not quite real yet but it’s headed in that general direction. A group of scientists in the Philips Research Lab in the Netherlands are busy at work tweaking technology that will allow users to change the color of their smart phones, MP3 and other such devices. Eventually this color-changing technology could make it to everything from garments to the windows in a building.
Time was when stage managers changed the hue of the performance with various colored light bulbs. And they were probably at that time Philips light bulbs. But now the technology is going in more and varied directions. Using a process called electrophoresis scientists can create an e-skin with the particles of several colors encased in layers of a medium. By manipulating the electrical field of the particles, the colors can be changed. It’s complex scientific stuff that looks like magic and as someone once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Imagined possibilities include a teapot that might be blue when cold and red when hot. Interesting how new technology conforms to the old-school, red is hot and blue is cold thinking. Eventually such color changing could be applied to clothing, home décor and so much more. Instead of window treatments you would merely change the window coloring. Everything from wallpaper to hospital diagnostic rooms to any surface can be transformed with this technology. All of this means matching purses, shoes and belts could soon be – a cinch.

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