Combine four videos into one with Vyclone

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A cyclone is an area of closed, circular, fluid motion, with inward spiraling winds. A Vyclone is an app, but it’s not an app for a cyclone. Instead, Vyclone is an app that allows four people who are shooting video, within 120 feet of each other, to merge those videos into one super video for sharing. But it doesn’t merge the audio from each video feed because that could get confusing. However, this means the resulting video might show someone speaking without matching audio. The video will have audio from the first camera then if that ends, it will move on to the audio from camera two.

Vyclone is said to be great for concerts and perhaps other things that happen on a stage because it’s easier for the software and GPS to cut and paste scenes without human intervention. But if the humans don’t like the final cut, they can manually intervene to create something else. Vyclone also has an interesting feature where someone not affiliated with the original video can incorporate other footage to remake the video by say, adding footage from an entirely different angle from the four people who originally shot it.

Among other things, Vyclone was invented by several people including Joseph Sumner, son of Sting – that Sting. Sumner, singer and bassist (perhaps an evolving bassist also,) with the band Fiction Plane, was playing a gig in Lithuania of all places and noticed people shooting videos and uploading them to YouTube. He envisioned a way of connecting the videos. Soon enough there were developers and investment funds all working on the idea that would eventually become Vyclone. Imaginations are already running wild with the possibilities for this.

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