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How do you compute without your computer? With someone else’s computer, of course, says the comedian in your office. But the people at KineticD want you to think about accessing your desktop without lugging your own computer around. Before getting too far into it, you should know that KineticD is, at its most basic, an online backup service. Is it the best one? That’s up for discussion. But, it works behind the scenes backing up your work seamlessly. You can access your Mac or PC from anywhere as long as you can get online. Highly mobile users need not worry about forgetting files, computer crashes or any of the myriad ways that you and your data can be separated.
But wait. There’s more. You need more. You’re too busy and too smart to be satisfied with less. So the folks at KineticD introduced KineticExtend, an app for your iPad and iPhone. This extension of KineticD backup services gives you easy access to your PC or Mac from a mobile device. Okay, so you still need a device for this access but it’s not like you must have a laptop. Some users aren’t entirely happy with it due to delay issues and the reality that you need to install the KineticSecure Online Backup Service on your computer. Some are waiting for future iterations that will most likely improve the user experience, but really and truly if you’re on the go and you like the iPad … well here’s to you and all things Kinetic.

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