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Forget about planking, coning and owling are here


Image by asalga via Flickr

There are a few activities out there that are indicative of mankind’s boredom. Things like extreme ironing, pumpkin launching contests and that weird robot band that covers a Marilyn Manson track all show that we have lots of time, mostly due to excessive procrastination, but that we have lost really valuable creative outlets. We sit and giggle while we browse websites like StumbleUpon and, seemingly losing brain cells and the capability to express ourselves as we do. I’m not convinced yet, but there are two new trends that seem to try and combat this whole mind-numbed situation by embracing absurdist humour and combining it with photographic innovation – coning and planking.

 These both grew from planking, which is basically the practice of people lying rigid in unusual places for photographs. At first I thought that this was a physical fitness thing, showing off how awesome it is to have a body that can be tensed completely while someone takes a photograph. But when celebrities joined in I realized that it was pretty much just a way to pass the time (until what nobody seems to know) and have a laugh. However, the planking trend has seems to have been replaced by these two derivative forms. Keeping track of what is still trending is tough, so be sure to spread the word about owling and coning…I have it on good authority that this is still cool right now.


Owling in my cubicle - it's the new planking. ...

Image by slworking2 via Flickr

Owling is more closely related to planking in that it still involves people pulling off unusual poses in strange locations. The big difference is that instead of lying flat, the avid owler haunches down in a position that mimics that wise bird while someone takes a picture. I’m sure that there is some existential analysis that can be made about owling, as the subjects look longing into the distance, occasionally with shocked, owl-like expressions on their faces, but let’s keep it simple – it’s entertaining  and looks like a fun, albeit meaningless, hobby.


Coning is an even more recent trend that seems to have grown overnight. It is a departure from its roots in planking and owling in that it requires a video camera, but I guess that it’s good for an art form to expand. Basically, people go through a drive through, order an ice cream, and then pick it up by the ice cream instead of the cone. Now that’s cool.

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