Converting analog to digital with PeggyBank

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Recently it was noted that the famed shoe collection of Imelda Marcos (of 1980s fame) had fallen into disrepair or despair as the case may be due to improper storage. Well, the people at PeggyBank don’t necessarily have a fix for that, but had she photographed that massive shoe collection, PeggyBank would have been able to preserve the memory of it in a digital format. PeggyBank is a company that converts photos, videos, film, slides, reel-to-reel tapes and more into a digital format. The digital files can be stored online, shared on Facebook, YouTube or wherever. The original materials are returned to the user who can also pay extra for a “physical” copy of the digital files in the form of USB flash drives, external hard drives or CDs – which might need to be converted to a yet-unknown, future format. As they say at PeggyBank, “MPEGs, JPEGs and Aunt Pegs forever.”

Even though PeggyBank users can get the converted files in those previously mentioned physical formats, Jim Simon, the company’s founder prefers the online storage method, as in the PeggyBank Vault. The PeggyBank Vault currently offers unlimited storage space with password-protected access. It is said to be easy to access and navigate for even the novice user. Simon noted that by transferring photos, videos, film and other media from one physical format to another the customer still gets something physical – albeit a smaller, more compact storage medium. Under its “Special Projects” offerings, the folks at Peggybank promise to work with customers to edit the material, add titles and combine formats into a special edition video to share with family, perhaps for a special occasion. A look at their price list suggests that digging up a packrat family’s comprehensive, collection of photographs, videos and music might require a small inheritance. While an individual photo costs just 45 cents, transferring a single vinyl record is $19.99, while a VHS videotape is around $12.99.

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