Cool women’s wear for summer days

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Okay ladies, this one’s for you. If you never want to let them see you sweat, wear dresses without sleeves. And while you’re at it, forget the little, black dress, or the little, red dress, or any little dark colored dress at all. Also forget about anything tight or constricting. And, don’t even begin to consider the hose. All of it not cool for perspiring women. Such are the rules for summer wear for the glamorous and professional woman. This, according to designer and business executive, Pamella DeVos, discussing lessons from the world of summer parties for business women. The wrong clothing can sabotage your goals of being the perfectly cool, calm and coiffed executive enjoying a soiree on a hot, midsummer night.
What you should wear are lighter colors in natural fabrics. Unstructured dresses that are less than floor length. Open-toed shoes with high heels so you can appear taller than the men around you – well, she didn’t say that but someone else might. Walk tall and carry a small purse, and also remember to simplify everything from hair to make-up to jewelry. And if you’re a man – who’s not into dresses, you could probably use some of those tips on light colors and natural fabrics, though it isn’t clear how you might be perceived in sleeveless – especially if you haven’t been on friendly terms with your gym equipment. Ultimately, it all comes down to staying cool for maximum enjoyment at summer parties or outdoor brainstorming sessions.

A summer sheet dress

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