Could a flash drive replace trainers?

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You knew that it would happen. The day would come when a digital device takes control of your body. Okay, so it’s not quite that. But a new gym concept has taken the flash drive from portable data to personal trainer. With the knowledge that only 16 percent of the population belongs to a gym and the thinking that more would go for lower prices, the Koko Fit Club has gone digital.
The club has invested in a proprietary system called Smartraining which offers personal training on a budget. Instead of the $40 to $60 per visit, gym members receive a flash drive for a small fee. At each visit, the gym member plugs the flash drive into the computer which “remembers” what was done before and guides the person through a new customized workout. And if you’re not that gung ho about your own fitness, they are offering franchises so you can profit off other people’s enthusiasm for their own workouts.
At a glance of course this sounds like a fine idea. Who wouldn’t prefer a cute little flash drive ordering them around? After all, those human personal trainers can be judgmental and pushy. They want your crunches to be just so and they’re likely to push you to do more reps until your muscles rebel. You go ahead and do it because they’re standing there. Still, the Koko folks claim that 100 percent of those who have tried the system have stayed on. Now if only there was a flash drive that could curb the fudge brownie habit. Even better, edible flash drives where you can have your data and eat it too – chocolate flavor, of course.

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