Could Buggy Rollin be the next extreme sport?

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By now there are more than one and a half million views of Jean Yves Blondeau barreling downhill in a full-body “Buggy Rollin” suit. We couldn’t begin to guess at the origins of the term “Buggy Rollin,” but it’s the sort of thing that adventurers of all types drool over. What greater thrill than rolling face-down, at presumably high speed down a winding hilly course? Fans of Jim Carrey movies may have seen the roller suit in the movie “Yes Man.” While it may have seemed fictional, it was in fact a product placement of Blondeau’s invention. It’s part of his attempts to publicize the concept and attract interest in this form of athletics or entertainment, as the case may be. More recently none other than Nissan called on Blondeau to “race” against their latest GT-R model. But the suit runs on gravity while the car has a powerful engine.

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For all who wonder where such ideas come from, Blondeau’s may be part of his genetics – if there is such a thing as an invention or innovation gene. His father built all sorts of stuff including skis, tractors, and toys for his children. Before Buggy Rollin, Jean Yves Blondeau and his siblings did similar things. They would cobble together wheels and other material to build skateboard, roller skates, bikes and other things they saw on television but were unable to afford. Eventually, Jean Yves went to Industrial Design school. For his capstone project, he drew on his love of skating, dancing and general thrill seeking among other things. And now, according to the Buggy Rollin website he’s available for parties: “You are event maker and need live action? Book Jean Yves for stage, booth, or street show.” That would be some event you would be making.


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