Could man live on Groupons alone?

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It may or may not be credible that a man could spend a year living without money. But such is the challenge/promotional stunt issued by Groupon and taken up by one Josh Stevens. And in the six months since embarking in the task, the adventures have been interesting, to say the least. Most notably he had to wear a paper suit. It’s not easy to put on paper pants without ripping them. And if it’s raining this could get ugly. None of this seems to have been an issue for Josh Stevens who receives an unlimited amount of Groupons that he can use or trade for all the stuff he needs while on the grand adventure. Along the way, he partied on a pedal contraption in Milwaukee, exchanged Groupons for lodging and food, and traveled from Chicago to Boston and Seattle among other destinations. If he survives the year he’ll get $100,000 – not in Groupons.
Groupon is a coupon for groups. Businesses offer a deal for a discounted product or service. The deal only goes through if a minimum number of people sign up for it within a specified time frame. The Groupon folks get half and the business gets half. Rumors are that about a third of the businesses actually lose money on the deals but they gain new customers. In some cases, the massive amount of Groupon buyers overwhelmed the businesses during the redemption process. The brilliance of the moneyless-for-a-year experiment is that it is generating much buzz on Twitter and Facebook along with extensive media coverage for the Groupon brand. As for Josh Stevens, while transportation in Minneapolis was a problem, he managed to get rides from people. In some cases he engaged in what might be called, “begging” behavior. Perhaps begging on Social Media isn’t really begging at all – except that he was asking for stuff.

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