Could there be an app for you?

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So you want to win customers and influence their choices. Is there an app for that? At this time there may not be but indications are that it might be wise for businesses to create apps for themselves. An app could be a way to advertise, sell products, cook breakfast and improve customer service. But most of all a company’s app in its customers’ smart phones is a way to stay on customers’ radar screens. So now is or could be the time for all good business folk to help themselves with an app.
One Texas school created an app to improve its “customer” experience. Administrators could highlight certain events and parents could receive updates on school happenings on their smart phones. In another case, an online guitar school is seeking approval for an app that would give a few free lessons which could then be extended with a paid subscription. A pain clinic created iHeadache, an app that helps migraine sufferers manage their pain and it is a new way to generate revenues for the clinic. Of course, those who know a thing or two about migraines wonder who has the inclination to reach for the smart phone while in pain.
While these sorts of apps could level the playing field or at leave create a gentler slope for small businesses, app development services are not as cheap as web development services. Fees for a typical app will run in the vicinity of $8,000 but $2,000 can get you an app with fewer features. There are bar4gain priced apps for about $200 and if al else fails, there’s always, App Development for you-know-who. Also, Blackberry and Palm are out there jumping up and down with their hands up, all in an effort to amp up their app offerings.

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