Create your own tradeshow

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Create your own tradeshow

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If you pay attention to celebrity life, you’d look at “PAX” and immediately think – one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s children. But like the Tulsa Wedding Show and the World Tea Expo, PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo, one of the top 50 fastest growing tradeshows. And if you’re in business, you already know that from Dubai, to India to Las Vegas, a tradeshow is the way to get your name in front of the masses. Demo your products, hand out samples or cards or magnets, tell jokes. Nowadays however, you can’t assume that a tradeshow is a physical place with cheerful people dispensing swag. Tradeshows are also going virtual.

virtual tradeshow

In the way that Web is changing the way we work and live, it’s also changing the tradeshow. Virtual tradeshows are cheaper and flexible. And they can have cheerful people except that these are Second Life people. If you’re an avatar then this is your world. A world that isn’t disassembled every week and trucked to the next convention center. At a glance any number of businesses, especially small ones find the virtual tradeshow to be a convenient, economical alternative and in some cases virtual may be the only way for a fledgling business to get its merchandise in front of customers.
Though virtual may be the new reality and the old ways of doing business are fast fading, not everything is suited to Online. How will you know if the shoe pinches when you look at it on a screen? The scent of perfume and the feel of leather also come to mind. Then there are the auto shows. A car isn’t the sum of its features. Which is why auto shows from Detroit to Germany to Tokyo garner the highest trade show attendance figures. Additionally, it came as a pleasant surprise that the Sweets & Snacks Expo, a physical tradeshow featuring candy is flourishing – endless possibilities for sampling. Still, if you’re thinking virtual tradeshow, it’s easy with lots of Online resources.

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