CRM: Buyin is Vital

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CRM: Buyin is Vital

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Early last year Andrew Wallace,  Founder & Managing Director  of CRM Asia Solutions posted an article titled “Why do CRM Implementations Fail?” – A few excerpts worth re-posting:

  • “there may even be resistance from end users who even see a CRM as a kind of CCTV camera, allowing managers to see what they get up to during the day!” “
  • “Poor understanding and even mistrust of Software as a Service (SaaS) CRMs can lead to unnecessary implementations of on-site CRMs which can often be fraught with unseen technical challenges and costs.”
Buyin is vital

Buyin is vital

Andrew gets it.  When implementing CRM, the first order of business is internal buy in.  If you don’t have it prior to implementation your challenge will be more difficult after.  Your internal clients, the group that will actually use the CRM,  needs to have input…the more, the better.  What you do with the input is up to you.   My suggestion is to use everything you can.  Your internal clients are your most important.

A few key bullet points from Andrew’s post:

  • Develop a corporate CRM culture, involve key stakeholders
  • Define your CRM objectives and prioritize CRM requirements
  • Develop a CRM roadmap and break the project into manageable pieces
  • Research CRM vendors and focus on your needs
  • Communicate with all people involved
  • Learn, be flexible, use the tool and evolve your business

CRM is vital for obtaining ROI of various marketing campagins, as well as clients. I use for managing the CD duplication, custom USB drive, and distribution business for Cool (intl).

Ensuring that all users have a say in who|what|etc. will increase internal buy-in thus ensuring that your investment has a solid return.  Remember, it’s about Driving business – Put your internal customers in the driver’s seat and  let them Drive!

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