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By Tweet or by Facebook wall, customers are highly likely to share their likes and dislikes in the social media space. Consequently, brands, big and small, want to manage the conversation and respond to issues as they come to light on various social media platforms. Almost two years ago, Assistly, yes we know it’s another of those names, opened up the idea of an integrated social media approach to customer relationship management. It’s a quick, consolidated and efficient method of responding to customer inquiries as they appear on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. While the Twitter piece has been around, Facebook interaction is somewhat new.
For approximately the cost of a very economic cell phone plan, Assistly will set up a customer service account in the cloud that can be attended at maximum convenience. With such an account, customer service agents would be able to log in and check on all customer inquiries across the supported social media platforms – not necessarily all social media, however. It simplifies the process of responses by making use of “canned” responses for common issues such as customer returns. An “agent” would be able to send one response from the database to all who ask the same question or tailor the answers individually as needed. Assistly software knows that Twitter responses should be 140 characters and adjusts accordingly. In an interesting twist, Twitter uses Assistly to respond to its customers’ Tweets. It isn’t clear what Facebook uses.

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