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By now it shouldn’t surprise anyone that people absolutely hate those voice response systems. No one wants to press one for this and two for that. No one wants to be directed to another menu. Such automation can lead to rage – there’s even a customer rage publication. What women and men really, really want is a live person. News from the Customer Experience Impact Report of 2010 says that 83 percent of customers want to speak to a live person. As it turns out, the first telephone operators were boys, but they were rude, so girls were “called in” to replace them. It goes without saying that American businesses prefer the automated voice response because it’s cheaper. Statistics show, a live American, answering calls costs about $7.50 per call while an “outsourced,” live person costs about $2.35 per call and the automaton only runs about 35 cents per call.
As businesses debate the cost v. benefit aspect of customer phone calls, it’s worth noting that 82 percent of those surveyed said they stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer service. And most of those have a tendency to tell their friends about their bad experiences. The primary irritant for customers seemed to be, rude staff, though it isn’t clear if automated staff could also be considered rude. Additionally, while customers may complain on a social networking site, they don’t truly wish their problems to be addressed through social networking. They still prefer a live person. Also, the survey says that 85 percent would pay 5 to 25 percent more for better service. The rest will probably camp out for a good deal.

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