Dance to the beat of your own life

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Your life is a sequence of sounds. The alarm clock. Bacon sizzling. Teeth being brushed – among other things. The car door. Keys jangling. And well, you get the idea. All that cacophony tends to drive some people to drink – and we’re not talking about orange juice here. But what if you could organize it all into a melody, perhaps you would finally have a song in the key of your own life – especially if you’re Stevie Wonder. And if you’ve ever given this some thought, well now there’s an app for you. It’s called MadPad, and it could be many things but it’s the latest way to create a set of sounds from your daily life. These can be organized into a melody – depending on your definition of melody.
Create artificial sounds with inanimate objects or use natural sounds – to your discretion, of course. The app for iPhone or iPad allows you to create about 12 such sound bits or bites or bytes, which you can use to create personalized melodies by tapping on your device. Your melodies can be saved to your library or exported to YouTube or made available to fellow MadPad app users. Dancing to the beat of a different drummer made easier.

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