December sky on an iPad app

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What to do with those long winter nights? Stargazing, of course. At a glance you’ll just see the moon and it will see you. It turns out, the December full moon is known as the long, night moon or the moon before Christmas – when all through the sky, not a meteor was budging. But look again and there just below the moon is Jupiter in the South. In the East there is the Gemini constellation, plus the list goes on with Orion and Perseus. The coolest thing about this year’s winter is that stargazing is even better thanks to the iPad and its Star Walk app, now with augmented reality. Simply tilt your iPad to the sky and you will see the stars in all their radiant glory. The developers of this popular app have also added Night Mode with dim red colors – all the easier on your eyes.
The Star Walk app also has the ability to track satellites in real time so you can know exactly where the International Space Station is. The app also allows you to see the sky as you would from different geographical locations. Geeks everywhere are singing the praises of this app with its updated features for the iPad. The app uses the iPad’s digital compass for locating the stars. All of this means that if you’re not connected via WiFi or 3G network, you will have a less than ideal experience with this app. But if it isn’t nighttime, the developers of Star Walk also have Geo Walk, an app that allows you to spin the virtual globe, pick a point on it and learn all about the place. For everyone else, there’s Family Doctor – enter your symptoms.

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