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Bachelors are interested in technology, money and sports. Gossip girls are interested in fashion, entertainment, movies and music. This goes a long way toward explaining why bachelors may have a tough time hooking up with single gossip girls. No common interests. But we digress. Bachelors, gossip girls, digital dads and yoga moms are among the categories of video viewers identified by Blinkx as advertising demographic targets. Yoga moms are likely interested in topics such as crafts, terrible twos and soccer. The folks at Blinkx AdHoc will help your brand advertise to such moms by targeting videos with these themes.
Blinkx defines itself as the “world’s largest and most advanced video search engine.” Alternately, it claims to be the “remote control of the video web.” With a database of about 35 million hours of video that translates to nearly four thousand years of continuous viewing. The video library spans the spectrum from news, music and television shows to video games and food among others. The content is said to be professionally generated and licensed as opposed to user-generated which by inference may be unlicensed. Viewers can access content that appears on other sites such as Hulu, with the Blinkx search engine.
At the Blinkx site, a selection of say, food, brings videos on how to make a version of the traditional Japanese bento box – be playful and cut vegetables into shapes, or use sesame seeds as eyes to turn a tomato into a creature. While food videos may come from, news could com from the Associated Press and technology news could come from NASDAQ. Behind the scenes, Blinkx is busily determining targeting options such as predefined behavioral profiles or custom behavioral profiles for advertising purposes. Meanwhile, it would be nice to play match-maker with the different categories of viewers. Yoga moms with adventurers. Wired wonders and gossip girls are both interested in fashion. Homebodies with … well so far homebodies are the only ones interested in food.

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