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How does an old name embrace the new age of iPads, tablets and all other things digital? It makes an app, that how. And so it was last year that none other than Betty Crocker launched a cookbook app for the iPad. Well, of course it was launched by General Mills since Betty is a fictional character – but that’s just a rumor, doesn’t she seem so real? In any case, the app was so successful it ranked in Apple’s top 25 free downloads early on. It was nominated for a Webby. Oh, and there’s also an Android version. It may be just recipes but when you think of connectivity, search and the ability to share, well, the Betty Crocker app is one smart cookie.
Then there’s Architectural Digest. Back in 1920 it began as a publication for the “decorating and architectural trades.” Through the decades it would grow and gain prestige as an upscale publication. Now in the waning days of paper publications, AD upped its game in the digital world with the “AD: Amazing Kitchens” app. It is a match made in iPad Heaven. Loaded with AD’s signature, appealing photography, this app features content for consumer consumption and inspiration and also advertises products and services from the designed kitchens. All of which goes to show that creativity and the ability to adapt drives business success.

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