Devilishly Good Egg Art

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Which came first, the egg or egg art? Perhaps egg art was around in the days of cave paintings but the first egg art show in the U.S. did not happen until 1971. Kit Stansky, founder of the International Egg Art Guild is responsible for that. By now much has been said and written about the eggs produced by the House of Faberge. They were so valuable that Stalin actually sold a few to raise capital. And of course we could go on about Pysanky, the Ukrainian Easter eggs. Did you know there are variations such as Krashanky, boiled decorated eggs, Krapanky, raw decorated eggs more? But with egg art, we’d rather show than tell.

The above eggs are from various International Egg Art Guild shows and they are indeed artistic. But then again, it takes a special kind of eye to look at an egg and come up with the type of art represented below. Kudos to all egg artists. Pick your faves and tell your friends.





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