Did texting kill the ringtone biz?

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Did texting kill the ringtone biz?

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Back in 2004, the ringtone business was thought to generate about $4 billion but by 2008 that had dropped significantly down to just under $550 million – which isn’t quite peanuts but… Consumer analysts, forward-thinking people who analyze past data to predict future consumer behavior, are guessing that by 2016 the ringtone business will be pretty much non-existent. And to think that not very long ago we were willing to spend three dollars for a download of “Carmen” even though Bizet had no idea he was creating ringtones. It was just a short while ago that the popularity of the “Crazy Frog” ringtone launched a series of remixes of everything from the “Beverly Hills Cop” theme to old hit songs from groups such as Queen. Even 50 Cent, the artist got in on the act.
But now, it’s a new day and it’s all about texting. Mobile phones are said to be ringing about 15 percent less than they used to, while texts have increased to about 584 per customer per month. From “American Idol” voting to discounts at trade shows and clearance sales, and letting your girlfriend know that your wife has found her phone number, texting is the way the world runs today. Businesses who want to reach their key demographic would do well to note that 87 percent of 13-27 year-olds and 73 percent of 15-37 year-olds are texting, while the figure is only 18 percent for those in the 40-49 range. So AARP doesn’t need to note this.
Of course the ringtone isn’t completely dead yet. Somewhere in the universe, we’re sure someone is hard at work coming up with new uses for the ringtone. As long as we have ears possibilities are endless. In 2008, European law enforcement launched something called “The Mosquito,” a high frequency buzz, heard only by people under 25. This annoying sound was an attempt to reduce loitering near businesses. But enterprising teenagers turned the sound into a ringtone.
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