Digital ads are slackers

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Ah yes. We live in the digital age with virtual currency and online lives. We work in the cloud, download to our devices and connect to the mesh or the net. Instead of print we deal with impressions and click through, all while watching our analytics very carefully. But if you pay attention to Ralph Santana, the chief marketing officer for Samsung, he thinks that while digital may be relevant, it is just not working hard enough and delivering the goods. While digital ads may deliver $1.85 for every dollar spent, click through rates are 0.1 percent. Internet search ads are ignored 20 percent of the time and banner ads are ignored 43 percent of the time. Digital with its fragmented audience of isolated individuals and multiple platforms isn’t delivering at high enough rates.
If you think of delivering as some form of engagement that leads to a conversation, that then leads to a journey, that ends when a wallet is opened and a unit of product moves off the shelf, all types of ads fall short. Still, 62 percent of media consumption in the U.S. last year was in the traditional formats. While Cityville, the top ranked social game has 20.9 million users daily, American Idol has 24 million weekly viewers. And you can look either at the fact that TV ads are ignored 14 percent of the time, or at the possibility that they’re not ignored 86 percent of the time. All of which means that marketing in the age of digital should not be all digital but not traditional either. And really it’s like gambling – cue the song.

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