Digital and remarkable equals GaGa

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Fans of “Queen,” may know that “Radio GaGa,” is one of the songs on their 1991 album. It is thought to be a commentary on video killing off radio. But Radio GaGa is also said to be a radio station in Romania, a radio program in Australia, a Macintosh computer program and more. But most significantly, music producer Rob Fusari is said to have referenced it to come up with the name, “Lady GaGa,” whose original name is Stefanie Germanotta. By now only the most secluded hermits have no idea about Lady GaGa. And just for the record, it isn’t a bad thing to be a secluded hermit.
While her outfits and antics may turn heads for being outrageous, Lady GaGa is probably laughing all the way to the online bank as a superstar of the digital music age. Almost all of her chart-topping music has arrived at consumers ears via downloads. Her earnings come, not so much from album sales as from being streamed across the World Wide Web. Sources say she has had more than 321 million plays on MySpace. The Web brings fans who attend concerts who buy merchandise and so it goes all the way to this Sunday’s Grammy Awards where Lady GaGa is among the performers.
To make it in the music business today, an artist has to stand out in more ways than one. So the plastic bubble dress, the bird’s nest hairstyles, the strange makeup all go toward creating what Seth Godin might call the “Purple Cow,” a truly remarkable and unforgettable image. That’s not to say Lady GaGa doesn’t have the musical chops. She taught herself to play the piano by ear at four years-old. She eschewed the vaunted Juilliard School of Music to attend a private Catholic school where she was teased for being different. If they could see her now – they can!!!

Lady Gaga in action

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