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Even as bookstores scramble to keep up with the times, the world of digital books is growing by leaps and bounds – or by apps and e-readers. According to Digital Book World statistics, 10.5 million people own a dedicated e-reader. One third of the more than 14 million people who own iPads also have a Kindle. And of course readership is extended through the Kindle app for iPad, Mac and all the various iterations of iStuff. E-book sales are at a billion dollars and growing. In such a rapidly changing world, publishers are also scrambling to redefine their relationships with the reading public. In the rapidly disappearing scenario, readers drop in on the bookstore to browse and interact with the physical books. The digital book world is not like that.
Amid all the clutter there’s Copia, a social reading platform that merges content with social networking and e-commerce. Sign up for a Copia account and you can download an e-reader for your desktop or an app for, what else, the iPad. Using this platform, you can join reading groups, discuss books and even make notes. Browse the catalog, visit your library, save bookmarks and of course, purchase books. They are hoping this is the future of digital reading. Meanwhile paper books aren’t dead yet. In places without an abundance of technology, people are eagerly accepting paper book donations. Somewhere in Brazil, door-to-door bookselling is also taking off in a big way – via the Avon catalog in some cases.

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