Digital creativity is strategic

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Digital advertising is not like the advertising of old and as such it requires a different kind of creativity, perhaps even a different definition of creativity. While there could be mass quibblings about whether creativity by definition is more than one thing and therefore doesn’t need to be redefined, experts believe the digital age requires new definitions for most things, including creativity. Strategist Ana Andjelic says that what matters most in the age of Facebook friends and Twitter feeds, are relationships, connections and interactions. As a result, the best creatives are those who can craft strategies to capitalize on these types of media. In such a scenario, creating just for creativity’s sake is not really creative at all.
Gone are the days when a brand could simply put out a campaign with good copy or with a twist on popular culture. Those are static, analog style campaigns and unlikely to gain traction in the digital world. New advertisement needs to be interactive. The most effective ideas are the ones that lead to a chain reaction where people broadcast it to their Facebook friends. All of which leads to more brand awareness. Old fashioned ads are going the way of newspapers, magazines and the other print products where they once thrived. In this view, creativity is more strategy than art. Of course, it’s possible that without art strategy would be boring and therefore not very strategic at all.

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