Digital marketing with Mad Men and Blago

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Digital marketing with Mad Men and Blago

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If there’s a plethora of terminology such as “thought leadership,” and “social space,” flying around, chances are it was Advertising Week where the International Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Conference featured speakers ranging from the CEO of to Tyra Banks. That Tyra Banks. She’s heads up the “Bankable” brand. Going by the enthusiastic attendees at this sold-out event, it would seem that rumors of the death of advertising are indeed highly exaggerated. There were giveaways galore, and not just reusable tote bags. There were “Mad Men” and Rod Balgojojevich. Well, actually the folks from “Mad Men” were actors but Rod was just himself. He was speaking at a Trust Forum, of all things. But the conference was about much more than a few characters and actors. It was about the future of digital advertising where the premier viewing will take place on mobile screens.
In the news-you-can-use category Google’s presentation, titled, “Smart & Sexy,” issued predictions about the face of digital advertising in 2015. At that time, 50 percent of ad campaigns will include video ads, bought on a cost-per-view basis. Users will get to opt in or out, or ads will be auto-selected. Also, 50 percent of ads will be targeted using real time technology, highly tailored to browsers preferences. And 50 percent will be in rich media formats, utilizing zip codes and local weather information. In 2015, 75 percent of ads will be considered “social,” across formats sites and communities. For example, digital billboards could feature live Tweets. Okay, so a math wizard might quibble about that being 225 percent – or not. In any case, Google predicts that display ads will be a $50 billion industry by 2015. And maybe they will literally take that to the bank.

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