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  • The art of Lego sculptures

    It could have been an abundance of time on his hands or extra creativity bubbling out of his brain. It could also have been a compulsive drive to separate the blue Lego bricks from the…

  • This article contains a video.

    Google TV

    Google TV Presents Watch shows at your leisure Access thousands of shows when you want with with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, & more (subscriptions and home grocery delivery may be required). YouTube is…

  • Will it Blend? – iPhone

    Will it Blend? – iPhone

  • Advice from a creativity guru

    It is said that to get what you really want you must give up what you already have. Then again didn’t someone say it’s not having what you want but wanting what you have? Whichever one you choose, Hugh Macleod would say, “Work Hard. Keep at it. Live simply and quietly. Remain humble. Stay positive. Be nice. Be polite.” Sound advice for any kind of life, but especially relevant to creative pursuits.

  • Authenticity Overtakes Facade

    In today’s blog by Seth Godin, he is writing about a societal trend that is/has changed because of social media… Visit Seth’s Blog I believe the point here is that your reputation is your brand,…

  • Infographics: New York startup cluster – the frontier is being pulled back to the East

    NY startups & outsourcing trends mapped onto infographics. New York City Area is garnering the fame of the second longed-for destination for the ambitious and the audacious. Now US startup scene has two major marks…

  • Death defying adventures in photography

    Without the judgmental filter of Photoshop running through the brain, Kerry Skarbakka’s images can be disturbing. We’ve all seen enough bad news stories to imagine what happens when we see scenes from Skarbakka’s photographs. Someone falls off a ladder with nothing to grasp, or head first down some stairs, or in a bathtub, naked. The naked ones particularly cringy – unless you’re Heidi Klum and Seal who are rumored to not be very bothered by nudity.

  • A welcome mat for defectors?

    Your new employee starts today. Roll out the welcome mat. Balloons. Flowers. Cake. We love cake and red carpets. Now there’s word that a company out there is rolling out said red carpet for employees…

  • Cold Calling Brand Refresh

    Much has been written about the + (-) of cold calling…if you’re reading this you are probably familiar with those and curious as to the future of it. The paradigm shift, or perceived shift that our economy is experiencing/seeking/reacting to is bringing up the question as to whether it is still an effective sales tool.

  • Graphic designs by Fairey and a rebel named KAWS

    Graphic designers everywhere can jump for joy at, not one, but two CBS Sunday Morning stories about a couple of their own leaping the great divide into the world of fine art. Shepard Fairey who…