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  • Our Rockstar is in New Business Minnesota!

    Our Rockstar is in New Business Minnesota!

    I was recently interviewed for New Business Minnesota for an article about social networking! You can read it, and learn about what codename LINGO does, HERE Here are a few pics from the photo shoot:

  • Squashing bugs: There’s an app

    Squashing bugs: There’s an app

    Small, heavy, flat objects can be useful for squashing bugs. So it wasn’t a very surprising discovery that all sorts of folk are using their iPhones to squash bugs. It’s flat, it’s heavier than a…

  • Calling all swing buyers

    Calling all swing buyers

    Brand loyalists often have their favorite parking space at the mall. It’s usually next to their favorite store. It wouldn’t take much psychic ability to predict that their grocery carts will be filled with favorite…

  • UPPERCASE makes an entrance

    UPPERCASE makes an entrance

    Up and coming visual arts magazine, UPPERCASE, released its second issue for sale to the public today. This quarterly publication features a lot of independent talent from across the board. If it’s cool, they want to…

  • Get fast money from the web

    Get fast money from the web

    Need money fast? There’s a new loan company with you in mind. It’s not actually in your town but it’s ready and willing to lend you money faster than you can drive across town in…

  • CRM: Buyin is Vital

    CRM: Buyin is Vital

    Andrew gets it. When implementing CRM, the first order of business is internal buy in. If you don’t have it prior to implementation your challenge will be more difficult after. Your internal clients, the group that will actually use the CRM, needs to have input…

  • Tweet for meat

    Tweet for meat

    Kogi is the Korean word for meat. And Kogi on the street isn’t a metaphor for road kill. More likely, it’s a tweet about where the Kogi Korean taco trucks are. While Korean cuisine blended…

  • Should you study success or failure?

    In the season of graduation, someone contemplating commencement speakers thought the formula could be wrong. Seekers of speakers go for the most successful people they can find. From the President of the country to corporate…