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    The Kindergarten Guitar Band

    Watch these young kids play the guitar! They are bigger than the young children, but that doesn’t affect their playing skill.

  • Can digital storage save the dance?

    Dance is an art form that isn’t well suited to newspapers, magazines or radio. And choreography isn’t like chopping onions where the steps can be written on a card and followed. But there is dance…

  • Art that makes us smile

    Art snobbery, not very distinguishable from the art of snobbery, is thought to be practiced by cruel, lonely people who wear black turtlenecks on hot summer days, and speak with a British accent while drinking…

  • Architecture outside the you-know-what

    Architecture outside the you-know-what

    Without architecture we’d probably still be stuck in caves. But without visionary architecture we’d all still be inside-the-box, which isn’t necessarily a bad place but it’s not as much fun as – well, you know.…

  • The art of cloth designs

    On any given day, it isn’t easy to predict where your art will take you. In the case of Jessica Jones, she was happily involved in her graphic design career when someone called and asked…

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    Knock on Wood

    Knock on Wood by Justin King Check out, where you can buy the Le Bleu album (and many others), and see Justin’s other extraordinary talents.   Related articles In Praise of Guitars ( Guitar lessons…

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    Northern Five

    Northern Five provides full service production from unique creative visionary minds to produce innovative films, commercials, music videos, and web content.

  • The art of moving things

    The art of moving things

    When Alexander Calder was in the fourth grade, he made a three-dimensional sculpture for his parents. One element was a duck that rocked when it was tapped. This is thought to be the initial inklings…

  • Burn Baby Burn

    Burn Baby Burn

    Creating art with molten lava.

  • Designing Restrooms

    Designing Restrooms

    Dwell presents | The Bathroom Reinvented: Universal Design in Public Bathrooms | Part 1 | by Gary Nadeau from gary nadeau on Vimeo.