Dissed: Pre pared from Apple iTunes

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itunes1If you have a bricks and mortar store chances are you want as many shoppers as possible buying your products, reducing your inventory, enabling you to be more profitable. That used to be conventional thinking anyway. A sale is a sale regardless of who is buying. But in the world of virtual products, all dollars may be equal but some are more equal than others. Rumor has it that Apple’s latest iTunes software is blocking sales to devices such as the Palm Pre.
The recently arrived Pre with all its bells and whistles is thought by some to be a unique product in itself. So what if it’s just another lighted rectangle vying for a piece of our daily attention? This is the digital age, that’s how we roll. Its slide out keyboard, its apps that let you buy movie tickets and store the times on your phone, its combined messaging system all designed to streamline your online life, were hailed as a rebooting of Palm’s expiring market share. Palm has an app store with just 5,000 apps including Grandmaster Chess but not Grandmaster Flash. And really if you can’t find a worthwhile app from 5,000 you’re too picky.

But the Apple people have dissed the Pre in a big way. Such a device is merely another in the series of wannabe iPhones. An Apple person referred to it as a device falsely pretending to be an iPod. Ouch! And such false pretenders should not be downloading from iTunes. After all, iTunes are for iThings not Palm things or RIM things. But in the end, fans of Palm need not despair. Tunes are all equal without the “I.” And Pre pared fans can repair the damage with MP3 from other sources anyway. That is until all artistes become iArtistes – except that Blackberry loves U2, so for now we’re all okay.

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