Do@, an app for mobile searches

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Do@, an app for mobile searches

Published on November 30, 2016 with No Comments

In some cases it is thought that information wants to be free, but if you ask, the truth is that information wants to be found – and used for the betterment of societies everywhere. After all, what’s the point of existing if all you do is hang about in solitude inside an unfound web page while other, sometimes irrelevant information, gets the spotlight? So unfair. Not to mention frustrating for information seekers. This is why information of all stripes, shapes and colors celebrated the arrival of Do@. As soon as it launched in the app store, information everywhere exhaled. Finally they could be found and used in all the many ways information is used to make dreams come true. What’s that you say: ignorance is bliss? Well, bliss only takes you so far and then it’s boring.
In any case, Do@ or Doat, is an app that seeks to improve mobile searches. It filters your search down to specifics. Search Nikon at shopping and you presumably get something different from Nikon @ troubleshooting or Nikon @ famousowners. Okay, we can’t be sure that you’ll find famous owners of Nikon. In most searches the results are a hodgepodge of sites mentioning your keyword. Do@ is not like that. It claims to be the first search solution designed specifically for mobile devices. Instead of returning a set of links for each search it returns a list of web apps that specialize in your topic. On top of all that, Do@ is said to “leverage the social radar.” And we all know social radar is useless if it’s not leveraged.

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