Does brainstorming = creative thinking?

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In the social media world, “Thinkup” most likely refers to the “free, open source” web app that captures and organizes social media posts from Facebook to Twitter and more. It promises to bring order to an otherwise chaotic social media life. And if you’ve been paying attention, there are many ways to skin the disorderly, social media cat, wherever it may exist. But go back half a century or so and “Think Up,” as in “How to Think Up,” was a book by Alex Osborn. And this is significant because it was in that book that the word “brainstorming” first appeared. From then on the word and the practice of brainstorming have been widely credited for creative problem solving. Assemble a group and let the brainstorming begin. Soon enough, out of thin air, a solution arises. Problem solved.
Fortune Brainstorm TECH 2011
But that was then. Lately we’ve noted rumblings that group brainstorming is the best way to spur creativity. Experts believe that brainstorming is subject to the whims and fancies of individual group members. While the underlying premise might be to assemble a judgment-free zone, this doesn’t really happen because it’s difficult for humans to check their opinions at the door. But not everyone is ready to discard the idea of brainstorming. At, they innovated the concept – Edison + Brainstorm. Humans in scattered locations can all contribute with digital sticky notes, without ever being face to face. It’s collaborative like brainstorming but with an individual twist. Genius.

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