Does it matter if you have Klout?

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Once again someone’s trying to help you cut through the clutter and find out your true worth on social media. How is your personal or professional brand really doing? What is the value of your social network? Are you a mover or shaker to be reckoned with? If it’s quantitative analysis you seek, Klout is ready to give it to you. Klout is a social media analytics company that measures users influence in Twitter and Facebook. Using data such as follower and following counts, retweets and quality of your followers, Klout assigns you a score. This score, between 1 and 100, presumably represents your social media influence. What matters more than having followers is having active followers. One Klout “star” is Tweeter RickBakas, a wine expert with a Klout score of 71. He believes that the way to go is to pick 3 to 5 subjects on which you are an expert. Then share information on those.

While Klout scoring may be useful and wonderful for some, there are others who don’t think your Klout score matters as much. Klout measures your savvy in social media which can be dramatically different to your influence in real life. Just because you live online doesn’t mean you’re doing anything worthwhile. Tweeting and Facebook friending aren’t tangible products. Social media might do well in creating “fake celebrities,” says web marketer Rich Harris, but in business, it’s what you do outside of social media that truly gauges your influence. It could very well be that social media is the proverbial frosting on the cake – but in most cases it’s all about the cake. On rare occasions, frosting can rule.

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