Does Social Media Engagement Grow Reach?

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Published on August 02, 2014 with 1 Comment

A recent study from Hubspot has determined that while highly-followed Twitter accounts share a lot of links, they converse less frequently than people who follow less than a thousand people. The Hubspot research notes that comments on blogs don’t lead to more views or links, and that Likes and comments on Facebook don’t lead to more impressions, before making a startling conclusion: social media engagement doesn’t grow reach. Or, at least, guarantee it.

This infographic is courtesy of Hubspot



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  1. Thanks JC for sharing these stats and I think the answer to this is that social media is only a distribution channel, a means to grow human relationship/trust on the Web– so there will be a higher chance/probability of someone buying your product/service offering because s/he trusts your brand. Engagement on the Social Web is like igniting a fire – the challenge is to keep it burning as long as you can. Now, do you think that the stats you’ve shown here got something to do with people automating posts online, driving potential customers away?