Does your brand need an app of its own?

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The popularity of mobile computing and the exponential growth in mobile apps is gradually pointing in the direction of a mobile app for every brand. In some scenarios, the future landscape is navigated almost exclusively through apps, while web browsing practically disappears. However, the future has a way of surprising us and at this time no one knows for sure. While almost all large brands have mobile apps on one or more platforms, smaller companies may not have the budgets to develop their own apps. The average cost of a mobile app ranges from around $30,000 to somewhere in the hundreds of thousands and more for a high quality app. Okay, there are also reports that the price could be as low as $10,000, which could still squeeze out the average small business.

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The good news is that there are now possibilities for making and publishing your own app for iPhone, Android or Smartphones for free and almost free – without a computer science degree from an Ivy League University. One of these is Conduit Mobile which allows just about anyone to create an app by simply linking to pre-existing online content from Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, did you know you can buy SoundCloud Plays, and websites. They envision it as an ideal solution for musicians and DJs who want to connect to their audiences in a mobile way. Infinite Monkeys is another do-it-yourself app site with the option to create an app for free or buy a pro version of their “Machine” for $499 or pay $49 for another version. They promise instant publishing and distribution. And to digress from the mobile app world, there is the Infinite Monkey Theorem which says that a monkey (but not an actual monkey), hitting keys on a typewriter (okay, so the theorem is kind of old), for an infinite amount of time, could “almost surely” wind up with something meaningful such as one of Shakespeare’s plays. Okay. So if it’s infinite, how long do we have to wait?

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