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If you were a freestyle skier or a snowboarder or an extreme sport anything, you would want a GoPro wearable camera. Among the options is the Helmet Hero that shoots 1080p HD video. As the name suggests it’s easily mounted on a helmet. If that isn’t enough to bring out anyone’s inner extreme athlete, its “housing” is waterproof. Plus it’s easily repairable, just in case you’re not that good of an extreme athlete, which means that you fall and break the thing. But this isn’t an ad for GoPro, though if someone likes it and wants one, no one would mind. What the GoPro has in common with other cameras of today, is that it is designed for a specialized use. No more megapixel mania – they all have more than enough. What matters is the type of person behind the camera.
So if you want to buy a camera, you should forget about those long lists of specs and look instead at the person behind the camera – then look at the specs. Who is that anonymous person of which we speak? Tech-savvy or tech-phobic? Shoots grandkids and family dinners, or travelling the world’s exciting destinations to capture the perfect sunset? Shoots on the run or shoots subjects on the run? Each question has a different set of specifications attached to it. Among the easiest point and shoot digital cameras, the Canon PowerShot and Sony Cyber-shot series receive lots of kudos. These are also good options for carrying around in pockets or purses, though Nikon Coolpix and Panasonic Lumix also make the grade. Nikon also has a DSLR that tutors you. Meanwhile, it seems that nothing dominates the shoot and share video category like the Flip line – but the Kodak zi8 and Sony Bloggie are nipping at the heels.

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