Easier tag tracking

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Easier tag tracking

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For all who advertise on the internet, tag tracking is close to a necessity. How else would you know what’s working and what’s not? But in the way that the solution ultimately becomes the problem, tracking can be a minefield in itself. An advertiser could be paying duplicate commissions to affiliates when the same customer receives ads from more than one service. Those who use a multitude of tracking tools cannot hope to manage them all and such excessive tracking can slow the site down to a – crawl. But now there is TagMan, which isn’t a man who tags, but a tool that consolidates tracking tools, reduces duplicate commissions and eliminates tech stress among other amazing things. “The implementation of TagMan is seamless and in no way affects your relationships with existing marketing partners or tag providers. And, once done, you’ll never have to go through the pain of tag implementation again.”

TagMan describes itself as a tag management system, “designed specifically to provide online advertisers with greater ability to manage the tracking tags that sit on their web site and make the most of the data those tags deliver.” It also promises easier ways to add, delete or edit tags on your site. “A single TagMan tag is installed on any page that needs tracking and all other tags that need to sit on that page – whether display, paid search, natural search, affiliates or site analyt¬ics – can be plugged into the site through it. Since the tags from all channels sit in the same system, advertisers and their agencies can track the full customer journey and tell which channel delivered a particular user much more effectively.” Now if it does all that they say it does, then TagMan is your man in field, ready to save you time, money and headaches – all in a single bound.

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