Edible insects and pet jelly fish

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Edible insects and pet jelly fish

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Sure, we’ve been able to eat gummy bears and worms for a while now but this year’s Tokyo Toy Fair brings us an innovative take on the gummy treat. The Gummix is a toy that children can use to make their own gummy snacks from juice and “other liquids.” And in keeping with one Japanese custom, the gummy snacks are shaped like a beetle. The Easy-bake Oven is so, last century.
For anyone not quite craving gummy beetles, there are the pet jelly fish. Thankfully they’re not real jelly fish. These are a non-motorized toy version, two inches long, that swim and float around in bottled water. No word on whether they are also drinking the water while the jelly fish float but, you never know.
Of course there are numerous other toys such as Lego versions of Woody and Buzz Lightyear, and all sorts of radio controlled vehicles, with more power and speed. But the more interesting stuff include a solar-powered plastic plant that isn’t a plant, it’s a Flip-Flap. Then there are the robotic mushrooms that react to vibrations such as door slamming and switches. And ultimately the pictures speak for themselves.

Sensitive mushrooms




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