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Published on March 10, 2017 with 1 Comment

Just a few months ago the Danish Prime Minister made news for bicycling around New York with his entourage while attending the climate change summit. He famously wore no helmet – for the very first time ever. Now Denmark is making news for the 1200 limousines with their big carbon footprints, tracking across Europe for delegates to the climate change conference. But somewhere in Denmark a group of acoustic engineers are hunkered down at the Bang & Olufsen labs, designing future electronics.
Latest in their line of unconventional speakers are pyramid shaped ones, created for the PC. The speakers have a range of advanced acoustic technologies and come in four decorator colors – apologies to those who believe the words “decorator” and “color” should imply a much larger number. Regardless, at around $990 these speakers are for those with Wall Street banker sized executive bonus packages. Set them on your desktop. Hang them from the ceiling. B & O staffers believe there is no finer set of speakers. To an outsider, the pointy-headed speakers look like miniature chopped off heads from the Sydney Opera House. As it turns out, there is nothing like a Dane for this shape of design. (Sydney Opera House architect Jørn Utzon is also Danish.) The B & O folks say these speakers are so technologically advanced that despite their awesome amplification, they don’t require a sub-woofer.
But wait there’s more. Beyond the PC speakers, B & O has a line of “loudspeakers,” that can “analyze” the way it sounds and adapt to the specific conditions in your room. All this to create a better sound profile. Actually, they didn’t mention sound profile. But it sounds like something they might say. What they did say is that, they’re proud of their acoustic engineering team’s refusal to think inside the box. And perhaps that’s why their latest loudspeakers look like cylinders. Then there are the stylish telephones ….

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  1. Those speakers sure seem neat.