Embracing the naysayers for progress

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Embracing the naysayers for progress

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Early adopters are the people who boldly go where technology takes them. If it’s digital, they’ve got digits. And right alongside them are the people who hang back, determined to stay in the “real” world where they insist on not crossing the great big digital divide until it comes up with a bridge to their exacting standards. These are the people we should embrace. Ultimately, it’s the folks who hang back that drive progress.

And so it was when e-vite introduced online party invitations, actually a party management system, some went along for the new ride and others refused. Like e-mail and text messaging with smileys, this was not Emily Post. It was not the post office and it wasn’t even post-it notes. They wanted the look of paper with the impression that someone had painstakingly written it out or at the very least hired a calligrapher. They wanted to attach ribbons, put it in an envelope with a stamp.

Invites, the old fashioned way

For these people there’s Paperless Post, a site that merges the idea of paper and Emily Post with the digital world. These are online invitations with paper-like designs, cursive fonts and the ability to add a ribbon. They’ve even found a way to add envelopes and stamps. It’s the closest thing to the old pen and paper invitations. None of it would have been possible without the technological aspect but this is one case of art and technology working harmoniously.


So here’s a salute to the naysayers. The ones who aren’t content to accept the new hot thing just because it’s out there. The ones who consistently ask why and aren’t content with why not. This is their victory – only better because it’s also environmentally friendly. Paperless Post is gaining popularity for the simple reason that no one expected something digital could also be this close to the way it was. Other innovators are sure to follow.

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