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Among the iPad’s exponentially growing apps for just about everything, there is one from Inforbix, for engineers. The idea behind the Inforbix app is that all sorts of product information are sitting around in the computer files of any given manufacturing company. For a specific product there might be concept drawings, specifications, material lists, sales information and the like. But in the event of a problem or the need to update the product there isn’t an easy way to access all the relevant information. Manufacturing companies have massive amounts of this type of data and it’s a huge challenge for them to work with this data in any meaningful way, say the Inforbix folks. But now thanks to Inforbix all product data, regardless of file type can be indexed and stored in the cloud, easily accessible from an iPad anywhere.

Of course Inforbix isn’t the first iPad app for engineers. Autodesk has Buzzsaw, a cloud based solution for dealing with CAD documents on the go. Formulus Free has calculus formulas. So much for kids who tell their parents they’ll never use calculus in real life. Meanwhile, there’s an app specifically for mechanical engineers – with the creative moniker, Mechanical Engineer, with 20,000 downloads and counting. As for electrical engineers, well there’s already an app for them. Along the way there are apps for calculators, compasses and everything a professional engineer might need. Some day soon it will be easier to count the things that don’t have an app.

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