Evernote app saves scraps

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Evernote app saves scraps

Published on September 27, 2016 with No Comments

There are places to save pictures. There are places to save prose. There are places to save contacts, e-mails, ideas, Twitter posts and the lot. The problem is retrieving them on command. Now there’s an app that lets you save them all in a digital format, accessible anytime, anywhere from your mobile device or desktop. Evernote is an app for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and more. A BMX rider notes favorite riding spots. Someone else uses it for comparison shopping. Like your briefcase or purse, it’s the one place where every note, schedule, news clipping, sale circular or photo goes to rest, until you need it.
What separates the digital from the physical is, “searchable.” Rather than the frantic dig through random pieces of paper, Evernote allows a digital search by keyword. From client lunch to one day sale, softball practice to litigation argument, dog walking parks and fabric swatches all are saved and accessible with Evernote. It’s your brain on digital robo-recall – if such a thing exists. Snap a photo, record a voice memo, save a Tweet, and save the rainforest because paper isn’t necessary. Random thoughts, deep thoughts, dangerous ideas all are yours to save, organize and retrieve.
But wait. There’s more. Evernote has a “Trunk” full of add-ons to simplify your business life. Egretlist is a “to-do” manager that synchs content with your Evernote account. Voice2Note converts Evernote voice memos to “taggable” text. Plus there’s PDFpen for Mac and ritePen for Windows which let you mark up your screens and save them to your Evernote account. Ultimately the creators of Evernote want to help you remember everything. Except for the things you’d rather forget – in which case there is a delete function.

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