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Published on May 18, 2016 with 1 Comment

First there was Evernote, a handy digital note taking “software suite” that makes it easier to collect and recall those numerous back of envelope and restaurant napkin jottings in our lives. Unlike sticky notes, envelopes and others of this ilk, Evernote, being a digital tool, saves it forever – or almost, as the case may be. Since its inception Evernote has gained favor and popularity with all sorts of users, not the least of which is a detective agency that uses it in the field and in the office to track clients and the stuff that clients track. But now Evernote, for computer, phone or tablet devices, wants to be more than just another note taker, it wants to eliminate distractions. To this end there is Evernote Clearly, a “browser extension” that strips out links, ads and other distractions from online content.


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Evernote Clearly, available for Google’s Chrome browser can pretend to be an e-reader. It has three theme options, Newsprint which is self explanatory, Notable, which is a clean, modern look and Nightowl which has a dark background for nighttime reading. It automatically converts multipage articles to one continuous page, no need to click to the next page. And when you want your distractions back, Evernote Clearly returns them to you with just one click. Meanwhile, if you’re the clipping type, well Evernote Clearly has you covered too. The Evernote Web Clipper feature lets you easily clip and save contents of web pages to your Evernote account for later use. Of course, you need to remember to get back to those clips. As with everything else, in the hands of a compulsive organizer, Evernote and its multitude of extensions, including Clearly, can be better than chocolate. But for scatter-brained folk who struggle to hold it together, Evernote may or may not be the best thing since sliced bread.

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  1. Very nice! I just installed it and tested it on a couple sites. It isn’t perfect, but it does make pages a lot easier on the eyes.

    I really like the dark theme!