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Continuous improvement. That seems to be the mantra over at Evernote, the note taking, making and management app that wants to be your new best friend. The release of Evernote 5.0 heralds a new season of navigation with just two taps to get you where you want to be. And if you’re thinking that you recently saw an Evernote update, you could be right. Every few weeks they release an update that “adds something new or improves an existing feature.” What is Evernote? For all who may have missed it along the way, Evernote wants to be a second brain in your pocket. It’s a digital note taker in an app that remembers everything and keeps track of everything relevant to your life. From recipes to Honey-do lists to your favorite wine and webpage, Evernote keeps it handy, accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Research, share or plan your next trip with Evernote.

Some time ago Evernote released Skitch, which was a handy little tool that allowed you to skip the words and communicate in picture. You could “heart” things or find other artistic methods of communicating your approval or disapproval of a project. Before that there was Penultimate, which allows you to “write” on a tablet – analog style – with a stylus. The Evernote 5 app update mainly simplifies navigation. Creating a new note can be accomplished in the same amount of time it takes to read an existing one or browse through many existing notes. Viewing is easier in their new “card” layout and several viewing options, including flags on a map. The app also includes additional iPad features aimed at improving the viewing experience on the larger screen. No word yet on how this does with the iPad mini. Evernote fans will love the updates but others who were resisting might want to check it out. Perhaps Evernote will soon release a mind reading version where it takes the info from our brains instead of our keystrokes.

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