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Consider the Burmese python. It’s a snake that came from Asia to Florida where it was desired as a pet. Legend has it that adult pythons at nearly 20 feet long were no longer desirable pets and were promptly thrown into the swamps of Florida. Out in the wild, pythons sought food.  It is a carnivorous species mainly dining on birds and small mammals, which it consumes by first constricting the prey and then digesting it. At first the pythons thrived on the small animals. Then came rapid expansion as in a population boom of ravenous pythons. Small prey grew scarce so they went on to larger animals including deer and alligators. Now, the Burmese python, which has no natural predators to check its growth, has overtakenSouth Florida and reports are that it is consuming a broad spectrum of wildlife, decimating rare birds and mammals. Left unchecked, the Burmese python would consume all around it and eventually cause its own demise.

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Fortunately there are humans around to rescue Florida from the python, and rescue the python from itself. It could be said that humans regulate and control the rapid expansion of the pythons, making sure that the rights of the pythons to thrive do not overtake the rights of other species, including humans to exist and thrive as well. For now, humans are hard at work trying to contain the pythons in a variety of ways. But humans haven’t always been prudent in exerting their control over the pythons. Once, the pythons were nearly extinguished, slaughtered in great numbers for their skins, which were used in leathers. Other python parts were used in folk medicines and food. In short, the humans had gone overboard, exerting excessive control to the point where the pythons were in danger of disappearing altogether. So ultimately, the python and the human are connected in the same way that business and government are connected.

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