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Mobile Apps represent the fastest growing industry in history, and the wave hasn’t even arrived yet.

The Mobile App Wave is large and we’ve not seen the half of it (or even the quarter of it.)   This tsunami is changing the face of the internet, of business, and of everything you’ve thought about digital.  Let’s explore some of the creative ways people have begun thinking about using mobile apps …

Did you know that you can process your payroll now through a mobile app?  Mobile payroll a tool developed by Intuit, the makers of Quicken and Quick Books, is convenient for business owners who travel frequently. Not only can you pay your employees remotely but you can look at previous payroll reports, all while sitting at the beach and listening to the sound of the waves.

Then there’s the newspaper in your pocket and on the go.  Summly, developed by a 15 year old has been purchased by Yahoo for $30 million.

Twitter announced some new changes to the Twitter mobile app. The main announcement dealt with their new updated mobile applications with support for the new Twitter App Cards feature. The App Cards feature basically allows users to “discover, install, and launch your favorite apps from Tweets.”

Photo editing has been a real big utility of mobile apps. Many cable channels pixelize exposed body parts so that they can air it on TV. People have since moved on to use other forms of censorship, like blurring out the offending parts (or faces). One app stands out in it’s comical capabilities,taking the pixelization process further and turning it mainstream is the Nudifier app.

Snap A Photo Of A House And This App Will Tell You What It’s Worth And What’s Inside. Homesnap’s unique technology was built to do one thing: instantly tell you all about any home you snap. How much is it worth? When did it last sell? For how much? Beds? Baths? Lot size? Schools? The Homesnap app for iPhone & iPad answers all these questions with a single tap for over 90 million homes across the USA.

There’s even an app to manage your mobile apps.

In fact, there are even mobile apps that allow you to build, manage, and administer your mobile app.  AppNRG offers this as part of their services.  AppNRG provides an online custom mobile app builder for non-coders.  Their platform published native apps to both Android and Apple devices. They recently announced their mobile app to manage your mobile apps on their platform.

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