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Perhaps one day your Visa credit card will be an image on your smart phone but for now Visa wants to tie your card to mobile marketing. In the world of social media marketing it’s the check-in that matters. Check-in is what brings in the next mayor of your business because a business cannot thrive on one mayor alone. With that in mind, Visa is offering up yet another tool in the social media marketing box. Visa’s latest move is a mobile service for businesses where their customers can sign up to receive offers. So far there is Gap Mobile 4 U where enrolled Visa customers receive offers via text messages. The texts are triggered when the enrolled customer meets certain criteria such as “checking in” at a specified branch.
Of course Visa is not alone in businesses trying to work with the check in idea. Music labels, televisions shows and various companies have apps for users and viewers to check in a la Foursquare. Companies are now banking on the idea that merely checking in will soon lose its gloss for customers who might check in and wonder – now what? This is especially true in the case of television viewing where it’s not an actual destination. The next step is for checking in to mean something such as a free gift or a coupon. All of which translates to the idea that merchants can set up apps and business relationships that mimic social media.

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