Exploding drink from Wired.com

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Exploding drink from Wired.com

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It’s a Wednesday in June. Time to start planning for the weekend – right? Here’s an idea for fun on the deck of the boat, cabin, house or, if you’re really brave – indoors. Our apologies if your friends don’t have a sense of humor. It’s not our original idea so we’re sending the props to Daniel Dumas.

Buy the ingredients at your corner store: 2 liters of Diet Coke (warm), one pack Mentos candy (mint), and some rum (cheap).

Fill an ice tray with water and stick it in the icebox. Just before the liquid solidifies, drop one candy into each cube. Freeze.

Combine four cubes and 8 oz. of Diet Coke. Top with 2 oz. of rum. Garnish with a naive smile and serve. Wait five minutes.

When the ice melts enough to expose the dense candy’s gum arabic to the cola, it’ll erupt like a fifth-grade science project.

Contributed by Daniel Dumas

exploding drink from wired.com

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