Facebook for clean living folk

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Facebook for clean living folk

Published on May 08, 2016 with No Comments

If you have strong religious beliefs that prohibit you from excessive social networking with members of the opposite sex, or anything remotely sexy, Facebook may have come up short. To this point your clean-living needs may have been grossly ignored and you’ve either been relegated to compromising your principles in a big way, or being left out in the faceless world. But for every such problem there is a solution if only someone wanted to get out and create it. And it is in this spirit that Faceglat was born. What’s that, you say? Well, Faceglat is about to be the social networking equivalent of that other face thing – except it’s for Orthodox Jews.
In Faceglat, arrows point males and females in different directions so that he is he, and she is she, and never the twain shall meet – at least not on Faceglat. It all started when Yaakov Swisa and friends began contemplating the idea of a religious social network, where men and women would have separate pages. Just like in a traditional synagogue setting, women would post stuff on their walls that wouldn’t be seen by men and vice versa. While it may or may not have been easy to set up Faceglat, keeping it clean requires a fair amount of effort, all of which is not yet automated. Someone must remove inappropriate posts and photos with too much skin. Users who don’t abide by the rules must be eliminated – or probably be banished to Facebook. In any case, if your social network is too risqué, there’s Faceglat. And, be sure to let us know if you’ve created other version of social networking to meet your needs.

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