Familiar objects re-designed

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When the general public finally accepted Post-it notes as the new big thing in office technological advancement, most of us accepted the yellow, three-inch rectangles and went about our business. Then came the folks who imagined different sizes and colors and various methods of customization. But others looked at the sticky note pads and decided there could be more. The little notes, which could just as easily have been called, “jot & jerk” notes, have now entered a new design incarnation as popular fruit shapes.
And yes, just like the original notes from the 3M Company, the fruit shaped notes are more expensive than the average scratch pad, especially if you’re the type that collects free scratch pads from hotel rooms. Still, form doesn’t always have to follow function and when people are charmed by a cute design they don’t care about spending a few more cents for it. Good news for marketers there. The new shapes also make it easier to give a practical gift without appearing to lack creativity.
Beyond sticky notes all sorts of objects are subject to interesting makeovers in the hands of artists. Someone looked at shelves and re-imagined the possibilities. Who said shelves should be horizontal? And though some question the practical value of putting books on shelves that look more like a wall puzzle, others like the artistic possibilities. Then there are the lamps made from, of all things, galvanized steel pipes. Okay, so these are not everyone’s idea of aesthetics but not everyone has the ability to take plumbing supplies and turn them into something else. As is to be expected not all creativity is charming to everyone but it’s always exciting when something unexpected enters the marketplace.

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